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A Foot in both camps of life

‘He was found unconscious near one of the ’yard’s huge mobile cranes. Of course, there was no health and safety in those days and to this day we don’t know what happened.’ His dad was taken in a coma to a London hospital, but was ultimately returned to Portsmouth and St James’s psychiatric hospital. ‘Not only did this seem to be a dumping ground for hopeless cases, but to add to the tragedy he was imprisoned in a secure ward that was kept locked at all times. ‘I can’t imagine what they expected him to do, paralysed down one side and capable of speaking only five words. He was a pathetic shell of a man.’ Tony’s mother, already emotionally frail, couldn’t cope. Neither could Tony. ‘My school work suffered. Basically I didn’t do any and that was not the way of grammar schools, so I was expelled.’ Tony adds: ‘I was baffled by it all. I’d gone to school that morning not suspecting anything was wrong and by the end of the day my life had changed irrevocably. ‘ With his father in St James’s and his mother struggling to cope they were evicted from Garibaldi Street and for a period his mum was taken in at St Mary’s House in St Mary’s Road, a refuge for the homeless but still with the stigma of having been the city’s workhouse. Tony says: ‘I made a brief appearance in a juvenile court and was then sent to an assessment centre near Southampton for various tests. ‘The powers that be decided I was probably not, on balance, going to become an axe murderer, but that I was in need of care and protection.’ So he was taken into care and found himself at the Cottage Homes children’s home on the slopes of Portsdown Hill. Tony, now living with his Portsmouth born-and-bred wife Sue at Bishop’s Waltham, continues: ‘Watching my father’s anguish, but being unable to help him made me look for someone to blame and I aggravated the staff by running away.’ One evening he set off and returned to his now boarded-up old home in Garibaldi Street. ‘I got in quite easily at the back of the house, but then I saw a light moving up the stairs and the figure of a policeman appeared in the doorway and he arrested me.

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Management Agreements Leave a Good Deal to Be Negotiated

'Other Nashville' Wants to Bring Together check my source Non-Country Music Professionals in Music City, U.S.A. A new trade association wants to remind people that Nashville has more to offer than country music. Five Nashville-based music industry professionals have started The Other Nashville Society, a new association aimed at bringing together non-country music companies, executives, and artists. The Other Nashville Society’s aim is to advocate and create a network for other genres like rock, hip-hop, pop and R&B that are thriving in the city. “Nashville is like a small town, but everybody who writes and creates music outside of country is so spread out because they’ve never really felt like they had a place to go,” said Katie Fagan, one of the group’s five founding members. “I met a lot of people who were saying that anything that wasn’t country, they felt there wasn’t a central place for those people to go and be creative. It existed, but there seemed to be a lack of somebody to bring those people together.” From left: Josh Collum, Katie Fagan, Holley Maher, Ally Venable, and Mark Abramowitz. (Photo by Blythe Thomas) The Other Nashville Society plans to connect various music industry professionals outside of the country genre with one another, from artists and managers to songwriters and publishers. Fagan is an A&R Manager at Prescription Songs, while her co-founders include music licensing executive Josh Collum, publishing executive Mark Abramowitz, artist manager Ally Venable and singer-songwriter Holley Maher. “Every genre is different when you are executing an artist.

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